Workflow & Data Capture Transcript Processing

Through the Scanning and Document Workflow system the Office of Undergraduate Admissions has automated approximately 25,000 paper documents per month saving 400 square feet of physical filing space for storing student applications. The Admissions workflow includes processing for applications, transcripts, and other admissions documents into the ImageNow system.

How it works

Each day applications are imported into ImageNow from CollegeNet where an ImageNow iScript indexes key information that is used for data classification. Next, an iScript searches for supporting documents that may have been received prior to the application submission. These supporting documents are then combined with the original application. Finally, each night, a production job creates a file for students who have completed all application requirements in the Campus Solutions Student record system. Using an iScript these applications are routed forward for processing.

DataCapture templates are used to transfer text from the scanned transcript into an eForm allowing for automated PeopleSoft searches and updates. In addition to the DataCapture eForm, three additional eForms support Admissions processes:

  • Decided Not to Attend
  • Fee Grant Application
  • Overall Change Form


1. Paper Reduction: Approximately 25,000 paper documents per month have been replaced by electronic workflow. Most of these pages were hand delivered by staff between people and departments in order to complete the admissions process. Admissions staff are no longer required to hand carry the burden of an extra 250 pounds of paper weight per month.

2. Space Savings:The physical filing space for storing student applications took 400 square feet in a place called “the vault”. An additional 300 square feet of filing work space was needed during peak times just to process these files. By scanning old documents to electronic format and processing new documents electronically the majority of this space has been cleared for other use. This added efficiency has freed up almost enough room for a squash or bocce ball court.

3. Responding to students: Linking application documents to student records used to be a long manual process which caused delays in processing and responding to students. With automation, the process now only takes minutes to run even during peak times when up to 1000 applications are received a day. Additionally, two full time staff members are able to focus more attention on improving services and student satisfaction and less time on data entry. Improving student interactions with the admissions office and shortening decision processing times helps to build a positive relationship with students, even before they step foot on campus.

80% of the calls received by Admissions are from students checking to be sure their application was received or for a progress update. The time for staff to locate a specific paper application was prohibitive, but now individual applications are easily found in the system and staff can reassure callers that the results are coming soon.

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Workflow Contact:

  • Cassie Keefer, or 785-864-5413. Email is preferred. Contact with questions about workflow.
  • Philip Schiffelbein, Contact with questions about scanning.

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