College of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Workflow and eForms

Through the use of Scanning and Document Workflow system the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences has implemented several eForms to manage student readmission/reinstatement, interest changes, and retroactive withdrawals.

How it works

The College of Liberal Arts & Sciences workflow includes a review and approval process for several eForms (listed below). As the eForms move through workflow, sections of the form are enabled or disabled based on the person accessing the form. Documents can also be scanned into the system via a scanner or an MFD or can be sent to an email address to be brought into ImageNow through the Mail Agent. 

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences ​eForms:

  • Online Interest Change Form
  • Readmission Petition
  • Reinstatement Petition
  • Retroactive Withdrawal

Workflow Contact:

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