Design and Construction Management


The Design and Construction Management (DCM) department is using Scanning and Document Workflow to help with a newly implemented audit process of large construction projects.

How it works

When an Invoice for a DCM cost center is processed through the Accounts Payable workflow, a copy of the Invoice is automatically made and placed into the DCM workflow. The DCM Invoice is sent through ImageNow Content Server, which performs full text indexing on the document. Users can then search within the document for specific keywords. Views for different types of audits have been established for DCM staff to use to search for types of expenses within the Invoice. If a non-allowable expense is found, the Invoice can be sent to the Project Manager for review and possible adjustment.


This solution allows the DCM staff to easily and quickly audit multi-page Invoices for specific expenses. Instead of the user manually reviewing all the pages trying to spot keywords, the system highlights the keywords where they are found in the document and provides easy navigation to the relevant pages.


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