Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Travel and Expense Workflows

Financials eliminated approximately seven file cabinets of stored physical documents through the use of Scanning and Document Workflow that replaced the physical storage of invoices and travel and expense documents.

How it works

With the Accounts Payable Workflow, invoices are scanned or received electronically from KUPPs. An iScript provides some automation of the indexing and also creates Tasks for Invoice Approval. Links to the Tasks are automatically sent to approvers via email.

Billing Accounts Receivable Invoices are imported into ImageNow. An iScript provides automation of indexing. PeopleSoft provides a link to the invoice in ImageNow to support the process of reprinting (redistributing) an invoice when needed.

The Travel & Expense process uses PeopleSoft for to process requests and Scanning and Document Workflow to automatically index the information. It works by having the traveler or the traveler's proxy create a barcode that corresponds with the travel voucher. The receipts are scanned along with the barcode using MFDs across campus. Barcode Recognition processing allows the receipts to be automatically indexed.



  • Space Savings: Through the Travel & Expense e-form, Procurement was able to eliminate approximately seven file cabinets of stored physical documents.

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