Human Resources

Workflow and eForms

In an effort to reduce paper and streamline processes Human Resources utilizes the Scanning and Document Workflow system for the processing of the Personnel Action Form and the Recruitment Bundles.

How it works

This Workflow uses two eforms, the Personnel Action Form (PAF) and the Recruitment Bundle. The PAF eform is designed to streamline personnel transactions and submissions and replace a paper- and web-based process. Departments can submit personnel transactions electronically. This eliminates the need manually routing p aper forms. The Recruitment Onboarding Center and the Shared Service Centers use the Recruitment Bundle eform to help departments post information and decide when recruitment exceptions are needed. Both eforms allow for the tracking of performance metrics, which enables Human Resources to set performance goals.

End users can attach supporting documents to the eforms when they submit. iScripts are used for email notifications to submitting departments at various points in the workflow.

Human Resources eForms:

  • Personnel Action Form (PAF)
  • Recruitment Bundle for Faculty, Staff and Students

Other Human Resources Workflows:

  • Human Resources Search Materials: A simple workflow was created to allow HR to scan and link materials related to Job Searches. 


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