Registrar's Office


The Registrar’s Office saved processing time and through the use of Scanning and Document Workflow.

How it works

Registrar Linking Workflow: All documents for the Office of the University Registrar start in this workflow. Documents arrive via a number of sources: standalone scanner, multi-function device (MFD), or Mail Agent and then are linked to the appropriate student or department record. Routing rules then systematically send the documents into the appropriate Registrar business area workflow.

Registrar Fee and Residency Workflow: Various forms related to Fee Waivers and Residency are processed in this workflow.  An appeals process is also included for Fee Petitions and for Residency. This workflow uses Projects for the Appeals processes.

Registrar Student Records Workflow: Student Records and Certifications are processed in this workflow.

Registrar Course and Room Scheduling Workflow: Course and Room Scheduling related documents are processed in this workflow.

Registrar Athletics Workflow: Athletics related documents are processed in this workflow.

Registrar Veterans Workflow: Veterans related documents are processed in this workflow.

Registrar Departmental Student Record Workflow: Department-level student records are processed in this workflow.

Enrollment Management Student Information Systems: Student information system access forms are processed in this workflow.



  • Documents are scanned and linked using MFDs and then placed in a record-processing queue. This eliminates the need to run the paperwork back and forth.
  • Time savings: Materials are processed within a business day instead of one to five academic days.

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