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Workflow and eForm

Through the use of Scanning and Document Workflow system, SSC / HR has implemented a more convenient and efficient way to process GTA / GRA / GA Appointments through the use of an eForm and automated workflow.

How it works

Data is extracted from the HRPay system and used to systematically create / prepopulate an eForm with data for all current GTAs, GRAs, and GAs. The form is then routed through the hiring department, the SSC, RGS, KUCR, Bursar, Registrar, and HR to request, approve, and process the funding and/or sponsorships for the appointments.

The students are automatically notified of their appointment via an email that provides them instructions for completing necessary paperwork. A file is provided for the SSC to produce Offer Letters to be signed by the student. Files are also provided to Bursar and Registrar departments for updates into Campus Solutions and to HR for updates into HRPay

SSC / HR e-forms:

  • 3G Appointment


  • Time Savings and Consistent Approach: The e-forms and workflow support a more convenient and faster way to process appointments for GTAs, GRAs, and GAs. For the Fall academic term, the CLAS SSC may process up to 800 appointments. Using an e-form ensures that all the necessary data is provided accurately and reviewed / approved by the appropriate departments. Anyone involved in the process can quickly and easily determine the status of a student’s appointment.

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