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Admissions | Workflow and Data Capture Transcript Processing

Through the Scanning and Document Workflow system the Office of Undergraduate Admissions has automated approximately 25,000 paper documents per month saving 400 square feet of physical filing space for storing student applications. The Admissions workflow includes processing for applications, transcripts, and other admissions documents into the ImageNow system. [Read More]

College of Liberal Arts and Science | Workflow and eForms

Through the use of Scanning and Document Workflow system the College of Liberal Arts & Sciences has implemented several eForms to manage student readmission/reinstatement, interest changes, and retroactive withdrawals. [Read More]

Design and Construction Management | Workflow

The Design and Construction Management (DCM) department is using Scanning and Document Workflow to help with a newly implemented audit process of large construction projects. [Read More]

Financial Aid & Scholarships | Workflow and eForms

Through the use of Scanning and Document Workflow system Financial Aid & Scholarships provides students with a more convenient and efficient way to submit requests through the use of eForms. [Read More]

Financials | Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Travel and Expense Workflows

Financials eliminated approximately seven file cabinets of stored physical documents through the use of Scanning and Document Workflow that replaced the physical storage of invoices and travel and expense documents. [Read More]

Human Resources | Workflow and eForms

In an effort to reduce paper and streamline processes Human Resources uses the Scanning and Document Workflow system for the processing of the Personnel Action Form and the Recruitment Bundles. [Read More]

Office of Research (KUCR) | Workflow and eForm

The Office of Research is in the process of converting multiple paper-based workflows to the Scanning and Document Workflow service. Several forms have been converted to eForms. Using this service has simplified the tracking for research-related processes and provides simultaneous access to current documents for users across campus. [Read More]

Registrar’s Office | Workflows

The Registrar’s Office saved processing time and through the use of Scanning and Document Workflows. [Read More]

Shared Service Centers and HR | Workflow and eForm

The Shared Service Centers and Human Resources co-own the new 3G (GTA, GRA, GA) eForm and workflow process that streamlines the appointment process for GTAs, GRAs, and GA. Replacing multiple paper forms with 1 eForm and an online workflow has reduced the manual routing of paper through multiple departments across campus. [Read More]

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