What is Scanning and Document Workflow?
Scanning & Document Workflow changes how documents are managed at KU by replacing paper forms, records and business processes with digital forms, records and workflows.

What can workflow do for me?
In its simplest form, it can help you convert your physical files into digital records, giving you better access and  more office space. As part of a more advanced workflow, it can help you systematically capture and process information (eliminating the need for data entry), route files for review, track approvals and store digital documents.

How does it work?
The technology works by pushing and pulling information to link multiple applications together. For some scanning and workflow projects, it can work with campus multifunction printers to scan, read and store information electronically through optical character recognition (OCR).

What are the benefits?
  • Streamlines document workflows and reduces the time needed to transfer paper documents between offices units, because documents are electronically routed (automatically or manually) to designated recipients.
  • Documents can be retrieved faster through online searches.
  • Increased collaboration with colleagues through shared workflows.
  • Improves access by allowing everyone who interacts with a document to access and share it instantly and concurrently regardless of physical or departmental location.
  • Business processes are streamlined as document approvals and exceptions are managed within the workflow.
  • Bottlenecks in the workflow can be quickly identified so that documents can be processed in a timely manner. The software used by the service can report when a document sits in someone's approval queue too long.
  • Increased security as the system can keep a record of activity that has occurred to the electronic documents. 
  • Electronic retention of documents reduces physical space needed for storage. 
  • Information can be captured from all types of documents – paper forms, faxes, emails and more, which reduces form processing time and provides easier access.

How do I get started?
If you are trying to access a current workflow, contact the Power User associated with the workflow. If you’d like to convert your physical files into records or request a more advanced workflow, fill out the Request for Service form on the Get Started link above.

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