How can I get ImageNow installed on my workstation?

Most people can use WebNow instead of installing the ImageNow client. WebNow is a browser-based version of ImageNow. You will use your KU online ID and password to log into WebNow. Because the user accesses WebNow using an internet browser, the only software requirement for the workstation is Sun's Java Runtime Environment (JRE).

You will need the ImageNow client software installed for scanning workstations, if you need to link/index or search for documents using Application Plans, if you want to use the ImageNow Printer functionality, or if you are a Power User with some management privileges. Contact your Technical Liaison to request installation of the ImageNow client.

If you are unsure if you need to use WebNow or ImageNow, see the comparison chart on the Access page.

What are the technical requirements for this software?
Visit this article in the KU Knowledge Base.
Can I access the service when I am away from campus?

The Scanning and Document Workflow service allows you to access your documents even if you are at home or traveling. However, in order to maintain the security of your documents, you must use KU Anywhere VPN to connect to the University network before accessing documents from off campus. The process is the same as the one used for establishing secure access to other resources on the KU network such as central file servers and departmental file servers. Click here for details regarding KU Anywhere.

How can I get access to the ImageNow Printer?

The ImageNow Printer is a virtual printer that captures documents into ImageNow as TIFF files using a capture profile. This functionality is included with ImageNow Client licenses. Contact your Technical Liason to have the ImageNow Printer installed.

How can I get access to the documents or workflow queues within ImageNow?

ImageNow access is controlled by assigning user ids to Groups and assigning privileges to these groups. Contact the Power User for the business area that owns the documents or workflow process that you need access to. Power Users control which user ids are assigned to which groups, thus controlling your access to the documents and workflow queues.

Who is my Power User? What can Power Users do?

Power Users have a higher level of access within the ImageNow system. They may be able to perform actions on documents that you cannot do, for example, deleting a page. Power Users also may have access to modify a View, a Capture Profile, and an Application Plan. Power Users are your first contact for functional questions. If you don't know the Power User in your department, please contact workflow@ku.edu.

I am a new ImageNow user. Are there any classes I can take to learn more about the software?

Yes, we have purchased several training videos for this purpose. The Help system within ImageNow / WebNow is also a good place to look for step-by-step instructions. Your Power User may also have Job Aids / workflow-specific training materials available.

How can I create separate batches when scanning?

A patchcode can be used in CaptureNow to separate a stack of pages into different batches at scan time. Patchcodes are similar to barcodes in that they are used to further simplify the task of scanning and organizing documents. All newly scanned pages will be placed in a new batch each time a patchcode sheet is detected.
Kofax scanning hardware and software have been designed to detect and recognize six patchcode patterns, while Pixel enabled devices recognize three patterns (types II, III, and T).
After much re-use of the patchcode sheet, the quality of the page degrades. To prevent problems with patchcodes not being recognized, new patchcode sheets should be printed on a regular basis. Do not make copies of the Patch Codes. Copying the Patch Code may slightly misalign the image, causing the scanner not to recognize the Patch Code.

I have access to lots of workflow queues but I only really use a few of them. Can I remove those I don't need from my view?

First, discuss your request with your Power User. They may be able to move your user Id to a different group. If not, you can set up Message Center to "highlight" certain workflow queues. To set up Message Center:

  1. From the ImageNow Toolbar, select Settings, Options. The ImageNow Options window will open. Select Toolbar. Select Message Center tab.
  2. Under Workflow Queue Status, select the workflow queues that you want to display in the Message Center. Optionally, you can set the Animation Style to Scroll and set the Scroll Rate. Click Apply, then OK.
  3. From the ImageNow Toolbar, Select Settings, Show Message Center. The workflow queues you selected will display under the Toolbar.
When I search in All Documents, my search results do not return everything I am expecting.

The All Documents view is in the process of being phased out. Beginning in 2012, ImageNow implementations include business area-specific views. New drawers established for these implementations have been excluded from the All Documents view. Use the business area-specific views for searching instead of All Documents. If you have a need for a new view, please contact your Power User.

How can I increase the font size for ImageNow / WebNow?

In the ImageNow Viewer you can change the font by following these steps:

  1. With in the ImageNow Viewer, click File, and then click Options.
  2. On the Viewer Options dialog box on the General tab under the Text File section in the Font Type list, select the style of font desired and then in the Font Size list, select the size of font desired.

In the ImageNow Explorer you can change the font by following these steps:

  1. Within the ImageNow Explorer click File, and then click Options.
  2. On the ImageNow Options dialog box, click Grid Appearance.
  3. Under the General tab, in the Table font list select the style of font desired and then in the Table font size list, select the desired size.
How can I print information contained in eForms, such as Position Descriptions?

In the spirit of reducing paper, it isn't recommended to print hard copies of records from the system. But in some cases capturing a screen print or printing a hard copy are necessary. Use the print button in the application toolbar, not the print option in your browser. Printing to PDF file is a good solution for reducing paper waste and if you need to have a PDF printer option installed on your computer please contact your technical support staff.

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Will we receive system downtime notifications?

System maintenance and upgrades will typically be scheduled between 8am and noon on Sundays during the normal maintenance window. Any downtime outside of the maintenance window will be announced to the Power Users via email.

I need to test something for a PeopleSoft Bundle. What do I do?

Power Users may request email alarms by contacting workflow@ku.edu. Please include the following information: Workflow queue, condition for generating the alarm and/or frequency of the alarm. For example, generate an email alarm for the XYZ Error queue when there are items in the queue; generate an email alarm for the XYZ Pending Info queue when items have been in the queue over 48 hours.

Application Plans can be impacted by operating system upgrades, browser upgrades, or upgrades to the business application (PeopleSoft). First, please contact your local technical staff member. The tech can compare your workstation to someone else who is not having the issue. If your technical staff member cannot solve the issue, you can contact workflow@ku.edu.

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