Request for Service

Do you have a process that seems bogged down and takes longer than you want? If yes, follow these steps below to request a review of your process by a KU IT Application Analyst workflow specialist.

  1. Gather information and documentation about your current process.
  2. Complete the online form below to request a project review.
  3. A KU IT Application Analyst will contact you to gather additional information.
  4. The KU IT Application Analyst application analyst will review your existing process and estimate the level of effort to gather detailed requirements and design and implement a solution.
  5. Depending on the estimated level of effort, you may be asked to complete a Prioritization Matrix for your project.
  6. Your project request will be forwarded to the Steering Committee for review. 
  7. You will be contacted with the Steering Committee's decision.
  8. If your project is selected, the KU IT Application Analyst will work with you, and other members of your unit, to create an improved workflow.
Provide a short name for your project.
Name the department executive sponsor who will approve the statement of work and the project plan.
Describe the project you are proposing. Describe how this project can improve the student experience and benefit the department.
Describe any timing considerations. For example, is there a preferred implementation timeline or certain times during the year to avoid testing new processes?

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