Roles & Responsibilities

The following outlines the roles and responsibilities for Scanning and Document Workflow Users. For specific support information, visit Support.

Department Power Users

A Power User is a departmental staff member who thoroughly understands the department's business processes. Power Users are encouraged to take the online video training that is available. To receive privileges for maintaining annotations, application plans, and views, please discuss your needs with the KU IT Application Analyst. Certain guidelines must be followed. These guidelines are outlined in the Power Users Agreement (Note: Hawk Drive login required). In an enterprise environment, we need to work together to reduce risk.

Power User responsibilities include:

  • Creating requirements checklist for new workflow project
  • Training departmental staff members on new workflows
  • Answering functional questions about the workflow
  • Maintaining group memberships via Account Management
  • Coordinating testing for PeopleSoft Bundles

For how-to information see the informational page for Power Users.

Department Technical Support Staff

The department technical support staff members for departments using the Scanning and Document Workflow service will need to install necessary technology including workstations, client software, MFDs, and scanners. The departmental tech is responsible for helping resolve technical issues with the service.

Application Administrator (KU IT)

Any items that can't be resolved by the IT application analyst can be escalated to the IT application administrator. Server access is limited to the IT application administrator.

Application Analysts (KU IT)

Any items that can't be resolved by the department Power Users can be escalated to the IT application analyst. The analyst can provide training, guidance, and documentation to assist Power Users in support of the service and end-users.

Tier 2 Support Staff (KU IT)

Technical items that can't be resolved by the department technical support staff can be escalated to KU IT Tier 2 Support for assistance. IT Tier 2 Support staff will provide guidance and documentation to assist departmental techs in the support of workstations, client software, MFDs and scanners.

Content Steering Committee

The Document Scanning & Workflow Content Steering Committee meets once a month to review the status of active projects and to prioritize newly requested projects. The Steering Committee is composed of IT Staff and Power Users representing major departments/users across campus. Contact for a current list of Steering Committee members.

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