Departmental Power Users are responsible for managing user access and privileges. "Access" refers to who can view a document or set of documents, and "privileges" are the actions that can be executed by users. Access is granted at the highest level to Drawers (first level for organizing documents in the system). Users who have access to a Drawer can view all the documents in that Drawer. Within a Drawer, there are a number of security privileges that can be assigned to a user.

Privileges are typically assigned to a group, and individual users are added and removed as a member of that group by the designated Power User. KU IT's Application Analyst has responsibility for setting up new groups​. Visit Privilege Definitions for a list of privileges and descriptions. 

Web vs. Client Access

KU users access Scanning and Document Workflow in one of two ways:

  1. WebNow: Everyday end-users will use WebNow, a browser-based version of ImageNow. It allows users to access documents both on campus and off.
  2. ImageNow: Advanced users and Power Users can use the ImageNow client. The ImageNow client is a desktop program that enables the full functionality and features of ImageNow. KU has purchased licenses for the Lawrence/Edwards and Medical Center campuses. Your department Power User can help you obtain the desktop client.

Unlike the ImageNow client, WebNow only requires Java to be installed on your computer, making software maintenance easier for your IT staff. Those who use the ImageNow client must upgrade their desktop client when the server is upgraded. WebNow users do not need to worry about upgrades. The chart below compares the tasks that are available on the two systems.

WebNow & ImageNow Comparison Chart

Task ImageNow WebNow
Scan documents Yes No
Quality check documents Yes No
Import documents Yes Yes
Manual linking Yes Yes
Learnmode linking Yes No
Search documents using Views Yes Yes
Search documents using Learnmode Yes No
Workflow queue Yes Yes
ImageNow printer Yes No
Management Console Yes No


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